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Team Up

Bookings, Cancellations and Changing sessions


Bookings & cancellations for session are done via the app which all members have access to and can be done by you.

There are up to 8 places in SGPT sessions depending on the number of coaches and 12-15 in Team sessions depending on which type of session it is.

Bookings can be made up to an hour before each session but if it's closer than this please message the coach taking the session or put a message in the group and we can manually add you (only for these sessions, you can book any others without problems)

You can book sessions up to 2 weeks in advance.

There are unlimited waitlists for each session - you will be contacted via the app or by email if a place becomes available and you have 2 hours to claim the spot or it will be offered to the next person on the list.


Make sure you have the settings for alerts switched ON and /or check your emails regularly. There may (it isn't mandatory but common courtesy to do so) also be messages in the WhatsApp group when people cancel from a session so keep an eye out there too.


Ultimately if you are on the waitlist its YOUR job to check if you have a place become available.


If you have booked in to a session and are on the waitlist it is a good idea to be prepared to train, and to be ready just in case right up until its too late for you to get to the session.


There WILL be last minute cancellations and some people can train at very short notice so remove yourself from the waitlist if in doubt to let them.





There is a 9hr cancellation policy. This was decided by members to give everyone a fair chance.


If you cancel within this time you will lose your booking (if there are mitigating circumstances then please message the coach / Paul / Stu directly)


‘Changing’ or ‘Swapping’ sessions within this period still constitutes as a cancellation (unless you are wanting to come to an earlier session). For example messaging ‘I cant make the 7am can I change to the 5pm’ sent at 6.30am, is just a cancellation dressed up.




Nightly blackout


This is time that doesn't count towards cancellation cut off and waitlist spot expiration.


It runs from 23:00–05:00.


For example, cancellation cut off is 9 hours and our blackout period goes from 11pm-5am, members have to cancel their spots in a 7am class before 4pm the day before. Waitlist spots do not expire during the nightly blackout period meaning there is time from 5am to claim waitlist spots that have been cancelled during the night (should you check early in the morning).


If cancelling a session at short notice and there is a waitlist its common courtesy to put a message in the WhatsApp group to help people be aware that they may have been bumped. If there is no waitlist then a message IS NOT required as no-one is affected. You also dont need to give us a reason as to why (this isnt school).


If you are cancelling a booking beyond the same or following day then there is no need to put a message in the WhatsApp group as there is plenty of time for the member to claim the place ie ‘Im cancelling SGPT a week next thursday’


If you are looking to change sessions or cancel and you think you have lost a session due to the black out period (it wasn’t within 9hrs) please drop us a message and we can check. We will reinstate the session and you can book your new spot if so.

If you are in doubt a much better tactic is to not book in to the session until you are sure, much closer to the time. Only a few sessions have waitlists so there is usually no issue with booking in closer to the time.





Cancelling SWEAT sessions last minute still means places go to waste so all the above still applies.

We will monitor this and those who repeatedly do so will receive a 3 strikes and out ban, preventing booking TEAM sessions for a week.




ANY issue with the above please get in touch with us and we can clarify.

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