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What is it? why? hows it work?

The word "accountable" means answerable for actions or decisions. To hold someone accountable means the person is being asked to explain why they did (or didn't do) something. 


The accountability group is a place where you take those targets you set in the calorie calculator linked with your goal setting and put them in to practise.


This is where you state your intentions & track your results....


'its the glue that binds commitment to the results'


But its not only the pressure of others knowing what you have said you are going to do and having to tell them when you don’t succeed, it is support from people with the same motivation as you, who are also on a mission, who can support you, offer advice from the front line and celebrate when you achieve your goals.



Your overall goal is what you will ultimately measure as a success or not. Fitting in to a certain dress size, the buckle on your belt, weight, fat loss % or even fitness related.


But getting there is made up of lots of small, more easily managed, easy to repeat processes.


And getting results takes making sure you set individual progress goals that will lead you to progressing and being consistent is where the difference is made in the long run. Even if you don’t hit them all or hit them every time!


We have seen that members who consistently just post results in the group, even with only a 75% success rate are those who make amazing changes. The word here is consistently.

How does it work?

Those processes we mentioned that add to up to success can pretty much be boiled down to 


  • calories

  • steps

  • protein

  • exercise

  • & water


Regardless of what your goal is, with a little manipulation these can be applied to weight or fat loss, muscle gain or improved performance, which is where the targets were set.

And it's these, that each day the members in this group post, showing whether or not they have met their personal targets. No explanation required, just how they got on.


The 'Close but no Cigar' Conundrum

Previously we had used a simple tick or cross system, but found people who were missing out on their calorie targets by just a small amount which didn’t really warrant getting a BIG RED CROSS and this lead to a boom or bust cycle and a blow out ..... 'fcuk it then i'm going full on cake' which instead of a smaller deficit than targeted (but in the grand scheme of thing STILL PROGRESS) lead to a calories surplus, meaning going backwards and ultimately lead to a diminishing of their motivation within the group


Remember this is all about consistency!!


It isn’t black and white and doesn't have to be a 'good' or 'bad' day and we know nothing is absolute. Having a greater range of flexibility is great in terms of maintaining control



The dimmer switch effect

So using the calorie targets from the calculator you will have an aggressive calorie target and a moderate calorie target...Both of which and all in between is progress (if your goal is fat loss). 


This allows for what is called the dimmer switch affect, weight loss isnt necessarily a linear approach. You may have different calorie targets for different days (more relaxed weekends) you might have a fuck it day, where the boss is being a pr1ck and you are stressed, you might be really motivated one day and have a friends birthday the next.


You might have periods of differing motivations, hard for a week or a month, maybe a holiday where the objective changes. You may suffer from diet fatigue after hitting it hard for a period of time


Consistently moving forward is what gets results, not breaking the 'streak'....whether this is smashing your exercise/ steps AND calorie targets OR just not moving backwards AKA Yo-Yo'ing


And provided this 'nearly' of not going backwards is used merely as an overflow option, rather than that blow out, it shouldn’t slow down progress too much and could work out nicely for some.


This allows individuals to adjust the dimmer switch as you feel necessary and to be pro-active!




We hope the flexibility within this framework allows members to have greater control and therefore greater success. 


The 5 Check in Points


Hit your target or exceeded it (calories/ protein/ water/ steps) -  FLAMES EMOJI


Within your given range (calories/ protein/ water) within15% for steps - GREEN TICK


Between maintenance and given ranges above (so for calories - ie a small deficit)  - YELLOW CIRCLE


Over your calories, under in your protein or water, outside 15% steps - RED CROSS



To join this group (if you haven’t done so already)

please click HERE (if on a mobile device)


We try to keep the group purely for accountability with limited off topic chit chat. Questions or talking about the subjects often takes place and is highly helpful and any questions you have we can answer, and our member do like to share resources, strategies and recipes from time to time.


Hopefully this will help you to take a step closer to your goals, to keep you consistent and help you understand that taking accountability for your actions really is one of the key factors in getting great results.


IF you’re not in the group yet and/or need us to set you up with your targets or review the targets that we have set for you, please give us a shout.

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