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Start Your Mate's Rate
30 Day Trial

At East London’s Premier Fitness and Nutrition Coaching Community

30 Days To Prove We Can Transform Your Body


It doesn’t matter if... 

  • You’ve tried every possible nutrition or training plan that’s out there.

  • You're an absolute beginner looking to get started.

  • Or you're an experienced gym goer looking push to the next level.


We make getting fit and healthy a stress free and enjoyable process for each and every one of our members - and that includes you when you join our 30-day trial.


In 30 Days You Will:

  • Achieve noticeable results without restricting your 'diet' or sacrificing your social life.

  • Build a leaner, stronger, fitter physique.

  • Improve your sleep and feel more energised.

  • Become part of our community where everyone supports and motivates each other along the way.

Here's What's Included for £99...

12 small group personal training sessions (and unlimited team training) - you'll be guided through progressive sessions that help you reach your goals quicker - no long, boring, monotonous cardio workouts.

Expert coaches - who'll be there to making sure you're working hard, getting everything right and making real, long lasting changes to your body.

Body composition assessment - so we can see where you're at, plan your training and nutrition program and keep track of your progress.

Complete education - we'll teach you how your results came about so you can replicate them time and time again.

30-day access - to East London's premier fitness and nutrition coaching community (that's us by the way).

Flexible nutrition system - learn how to get leaner and fitter without having to go on a strict diet and avoid the foods you love.

If you’ve ever tried achieving your goals but never quite managed to get the outcome you wanted then this is for you.

Secure Your 30 Day Trial Place

As a Friend of a Current Member
You Get This For Just £99!

Follow These Instructions to Confirm Your Place:

1. Enter your details to confirm your place on the 30-Day Trial

2. After we've processed your payment you'll get an email from us with all the details you need to get started (please check your spam folder)

3. You'll start the program after attending a Saturday morning intro session (select your start date below)

4. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us via our Facebook page

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