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 MyFitnessPal Food Diary

We recommend using my fitness pal to our members for recording their food diaries. This app on a phone can make the process very quick and easy and the habit become non intrusive (see the quantifying post HERE )


Beware that this is a peer led information service so some data will be way off. Make sure you look at all the alternatives and chose the middle values or use the bar scanner function.


Adding us for a food diary review

To allow us to see your food diary you need to follow these steps:

1 - Settings on menu

2 - Diary Settings

3 - Diary Sharing - Set to ‘Friends Only’


Then to add us as a ‘friend’

1 - Friends on menu

2 - Add friend (little person icon)

3 - Email (Invite friends using their email address or MyFitnessPal username)

4 - Add myfitnessprouk & stuartrook

5 - Add your name and say hello


Next we need to be able to SEE your food diary… YES sorry.

To do this:

  1. Go to the menu

  2. settings

  3. Diary settings

  4. Diary sharing

  5. Set to ‘friends’

  6. Prepare for the review…..

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