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Small Group PT


Small Group Personal Training

Train in a group setting with no more than six clients per coach. SGPT classes are centred around movement technique, ensuring that you progress towards your fitness goals in the safest and most efficient way possible. Workouts target the whole body and multiple resistance training models are used to provide novelty.

Progressive overload

Our programmes follow the principles of progressive overload, meaning they are scientifically proven to accelerate fat loss and promote muscle gain. Throughout the six week programme cycles, you will receive guidance, motivation, and personalisation from our coaches.


Choose your program

At the start of each six-week cycle you’ll choose to follow either our shape or strength programme. We’ll help you to understand the benefits of each and make the best choice for your fitness goals. The two programmes running concurrently provides clients with variety and new movements to master.


  • Reduce body fat and weight

  • Build a solid strength foundation

  • Shape your figure.


  • Set and achieve strength goals

  • Promote muscle growth

  • Carry more shopping in one go.

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