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About Us

Your health, your blueprint


When Blueprint:Fitness first started in 2017, the fitness industry was flying - but we felt there was something missing. Gyms were way too focused on the product… It was all mirrors and music, posing and protein shakes, crowded classes and overly-priced but poorly delivered PT. 


The service levels were poor and gym members were being neglected. Members were left feeling intimidated, lost amongst all the machines and noise on the gym floor. They simply weren't getting the help that they needed and eventually got bored & stopped going. 


Our mission became - and still is - to help as many people as we can. To change the way they think & feel about health and fitness.  


To ensure that no one experiences that old feeling of wandering around the gym and not knowing what to do, and to teach people that they really can achieve everything they thought wasn't possible.


We built a 3000sq/ft purpose made PT studio, wrote some amazing science based and progressive PT programs, created innovative and fun fitness classes so that every single time you set foot into our gym you'll work directly with one of our coaches, with top of the renege equipment and be inspired by our community!

A full 360 service:

Our philosophy

We're dedicated to helping you to make improvements in every aspect of your health. We'll educate you on the basics of nutrition and making better informed choices, and we'll work with you on habit formation, taking accountability and creating a health focused lifestyle.


All of these aspects are driven by the aim of carrying over into the really important elements of your everyday life. You'll have more energy for family time, have better quality sleep, be more productive at work, feel less stressed, and enjoy an increase in overall health and wellness. 

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